Wiki & Partnerships

Wiki & Partnerships

Today we have officially released our Wiki on the website.
You can find various different wiki articles surrounding guidelines and features on the website.

The following wiki articles are available in this moment:

1. Guidelines:

  • Server rules.
  • Discord rules.
  • Forum rules.
  • Allowed modifications.
  • Account security.
  • Blocked username.

2. Gameplay:

  • How to: Claim land.
  • How to: Cubelets.
  • How to: Custom enchants.
  • How to: Gravestones
  • How to: Jobs
  • How to: Keys
  • How to: Player levels
  • How to: Skills

We will add more guides/articles on the wiki over time. If you have any suggestion on a wiki guide/article you would like to see added, please let us know on our Discord.

We've also opened up our Partnership program, YouTubers/Streamers can apply for a partership program, that grants them specific perks on our server, including a Creator code for our online store that your community can use to get a percentage of our items, including that the creator will get a percentage of the revenue from their creator code.

If you are interested check out the following Partner wiki articles:

  • Creator code EULA.
  • Creator rules.

Contact us on our Discord, if you are interested in the program!

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